Adventist Youth.  The AY ministry serves preteens, teenagers and the young-at-heart through Bible-based skits, lively discussions, documentaries, Christian movies, music, prayer, and Bible study. AY meets each Saturday an hour before sunset in the sanctuary. When announced, this ministry also provides evening, social events.  

Community Services.  The Community Services Department provides free on-campus breakfast for Clearwater Middle School students (Tu-Wed-Th), a  free community supper for temporarily housed homeless individuals and families (Wed), plus free clothing and other small goods.  It also provides a limited amount of Christmas vouchers to the St. David's community.  

Family Life.  The Family Life ministry caters to the total family, equipping it with spiritual, financial, and social guidance/support through counseling, workshops, literature, and camp activities.

GED.  This ministry is upon request only.

Health.  The Health ministry, an affiliate of Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), promotes healthy lifestyle changes  through lectures, screenings, cooking classes, and exercise programs.  It also keeps the St. David's community abreast of current island-wide events pertaining to health issues in Bermuda.